The 6 Ways of LIB - Lightning In A Bottle 2020

The 6 Ways of LIB are our community’s guiding principles that can be applied to all aspects of the LIB experience. They are simple, but when we all put them into action they are powerful. Let’s remember these Ways of LIBing and create magic together!

Celebrate Life

In every action and experience at LIB we cultivate feelings of fun, joy and togetherness. We always remember that we are here to create and share the best time!

What Why How

Create Community

At LIB we act in accordance with a shared sense of belonging. LIB belongs to all of us and we are happy to share it with one another in all its spaces and interactions.

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Respect Yourself, Respect One Another

We recognize and respect personal boundaries. In respecting boundaries, we take responsibility for how our actions affect ourselves as well as those around us.

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Actively Participate

We all take an active role in creating the LIB experience for everyone. We stay off the sidelines (and our phones!), exploring the possibilities of being the best versions of ourselves.

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Honor The Land

We have gratitude for the land and community where LIB is held. We strive to leave the land better than we found it and make a positive impact as part of the community.

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Be A Citizen

We keep the wonderful experiences and teachings of LIB with us after the event so they can guide us in exercising our citizenship in our wider communities.

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