Actively Participate - Lightning In A Bottle 2020

We all take an active role in creating the LIB experience for ourselves and those around us. We stay off the sidelines (and our phones!), exploring the possibilities of being the best versions of ourselves.

What is it?

Actively Participating means not sitting on the sidelines or being a spectator. It means putting the phone down, taking your eyes off the tiny screen and beholding the big beautiful world around you. LIB is meant to be picked up, played with, and passed on to the next member of the team with more love and energy added to it than before. It means having an attitude of interaction, openness and play. We are all part of the show at LIB, so whether that means dressing up and being a character, or leading the charge on cleaning up trash on the dancefloor, or making the best camp breakfast your friends have ever had, Lightning in a Bottle is you, so bring your A game!


Why is it important?

Life is more meaningful and memorable when we are playing an active role in it. LIB is a special time and place where we all get to contribute to making life more surprising, enlightening, and full of heart. We all have the spark within us to make it better, but only when we stop watching it happen and start making it happen. This will help you to experience The Most Fun You’ll Have In Your Entire Life!


How do we Actively Participate at LIB?

  • Put down the phone! Turn it off, leave it at camp, let it go. Instagram will still be there when you get back.
  • Dress up in your Sunday’s best or a crazy costume. Doesn’t matter what you dress up as, just put some thought and excitement into it.
  • Live in the moment so you can spot opportunities to share a smile, make someone laugh, or help a friend in need, or even better, all 3 at once!
  • Don’t wait for the fun to begin, run out and find it.
  • Identify your fears and find ways to overcome them. Feeling shy? Well, there are no strangers at LIB, only friends you haven’t met yet. Meet some friends!
  • Lead by example ~ don’t wait for others to do the right thing, show everyone how it’s done. So go ahead and pick up some trash and watch the person next to you do the same. Kind acts are contagious, see how many you can create!
  • Share your creativity! LIB is a canvas with many opportunities for beautiful expression. Bring a gift or take a drawing class or find a piece of participatory art and leave your mark. Just don’t deface or damage someone else’s art! Create with respect.

The 6 Ways of LIB