Green Tips for LIB & Beyond - Lightning In A Bottle 2020

Green Tips for LIB & Beyond

April 10th, 2019

Lightning In A Bottle is designed, built, and curated based on a core ethos centered on sustainability, harm reduction, cultural respect, and most of all, creating an environment for extraordinary experiences. At LIB, we maintain a fierce commitment to sustainability, especially during the festival season, to keep your experience clean and green.

Help out our Green Team in their dedicated efforts to elevate your festival experience by engaging in easy and unique ways to reduce consumption and waste. Keep an eye out for their convenient recycling and composting initiatives around the grounds and most of all remember to Pack It In & Pack It Out! We hope these tips help make your experience all the better, while leaving you with some green tips that extend past LIB.

Pre-Festival Prep


Remember to take off any packaging from new or used items to reduce the amount of waste on site for GT to handle. Recycle and dispose of those materials at home where you are already paying for a service. Put items in reusable containers or bags, like ziplocks and tote bags, so you can keep using them for a long time.

Think about what to bring before you come, like reusable items and not one-time use items.  Reusable cups, plates, bowls, to-go containers, coffee mugs, water bottles and utensils are a great idea and reduce a lot of waste instead of a solo cup or cheap plastic forks or spoons.  Use tupperware instead of food wrapped in plastic. Bring rechargeable items like batteries, lights, and headlamps to reduce hazardous waste from 1 time use batteries with a high toxicity.

Make sure to bring biodegradable toiletries; shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothpaste, sunscreen, and deodorant.  All water leads to the oceans and the ocean is one of the most unique aspects of our planet and why we have the life we live. Understand that chemicals in products are really bad for the environment and ourselves so reducing that helps everyone/ everything. Know that our lake doesn’t allow any products even if they are biodegradable and sunscreen runoff in waterways is a real problem for wildlife and other species.

When thinking about how to get to site; carpool, ride with friends, or use the lightning bus system to cut down on carbon emissions.

Reserve your seat on the Lightning Bus today! View the route schedule and get tickets HERE.

Make sure to bring your own bags (3x) to sort your materials into landfill, recycling, and compost so it’s easy for you to drop your materials off at the Waste Collection Stations and clean your camp before you leave. WCS’ will be open on Sunday and Monday, so plan your trip accordingly to avoid waiting in line or getting stuck in traffic when you leave.

Come to the The Green Team HQ near Thunder Stage if you have any questions or would like to get involved. (see map for exact location)

During the Festival

Stage Clean Up:

Remember to clean any litter/moop off the dance floors before a set, during a set while you are dancing which is a lot of fun, and after an artists finishes so by the time the next artist is up you have a clean and safe dance floor to bust a move, not your leg.  If you are at a stage during the last set remember to help when the stage closes and, regardless of if you hear the clean up song, know GT members will be at each stage station waiting to assist you with what goes where. Join GT and LIB in keeping our stages beautiful and ready for dancing.

Lake Clean Up:

We don’t have any stations near the lake.  Make sure you bring back any materials you brought with you down to the lake and don’t leave and waste behind.  Understand that the lake has living species in it and we are responsible for keeping their habitats clean as well as ours.  Bring any waste you might have accumulated to the nearest WCS to sort with a GT member. Don’t leave any waste behind on the lakeside or in the water.

Clean Your Campsites & Pack it Out!

Can’t pack it out? bring all pre-sorted waste to the nearest Waste Collection Station.

Make sure to clean your campsites and don’t leave anything behind. Remind your neighbors to clean their sites as well! A little accountability goes a long way!

At LIB, we ask everyone to pack it in, pack it out, but if for some reason there is less room in your car on the way back, or you would like to donate camping gear or other items, you can take waste to one of our Waste Collection Stations.

Follow these easy steps when using our Waste Collection Stations:

  1. Bring your own heavy duty trash bags from home to collect and sort your camp waste into landfill, recycling, and compost.
  2. Sorted waste can be dropped off at indicated collection stations FREE of charge. Please see map for locations.
  3. Please wait to be assisted by a Green Team member. Do not dump your bags and run!
  4. Bulky items, like camp gear, can be accepted as well. Fees may apply.
  5. Items in good condition will be donated and accepted FREE of charge
  6. Last but not least, have fun and ask questions so you can learn how to handle your own waste by yourself, at home, or anywhere in the world!

Pro Tip: Why wait for your camp trash to pile up. You can take bags of sorted waste to a WCS any day throughout the festival. They can sort it right there on the spot and give you back your trash bag for reuse too!

How To Get Involved On Site:

Come to the Green Team HQ (see map) to learn how to help out or get involved.  We do daily moop walks and we would love your company. Hop on a volunteer shift if you have some time and want to learn more about keeping LIB clean.

After the Festival

Leave it Better Map & Sustainability Report:

The Leave it Better Map indicates where and how much MOOP and waste was left behind after the festival. The map helps us understand where we managed waste well and locations that need improvement so we can continue striving to become more zero waste in the future.  

Check out 2018’s Leave it better Map below for reference. If you attended last year, take a look and see where you camped and whether your area was green, yellow or red. Don’t worry if it wasn’t green; just try harder this year and encourage your LIB family camping near you to clean up their campsites too! Then when you look at 2019’s map and see your area filled in green, you’ll know that you had a part in making that a reality! It may feel small, but if everyone just did a little bit better each year, we’d see tremendous results.

Stay tuned for the 2019 sustainability report and Leave It Better map following this year’s festival.

Green Team Survey:

Your feedback is important to us and helps us create better systems for the future to become zero waste.  We’ll be sending out a Green Team survey in the weeks following the festival, please keep an eye out for it and take a few minutes to fill it out. Your insight will help us build a cleaner/ better future.

All Year Long

The information we educate participants on isn’t just for LIB but can be used for the rest of your lifetime.  Use this knowledge to help educate others as well as know how to handle the materials and waste you generate wherever you are.

Look at the materials you are about to buy and think about what happens after you are done using it or consuming it.  What is the waste that is produced after consumption? Do you still want to buy this product or can you find an alternative which creates less waste?

What waste are you producing?  Can you do something different with that waste to reuse it?  If not, then look up on the website of the hauling company handling your waste to see if they can recycle it or if its Landfill.  If they don’t recycle it, maybe there’s a company nearby that does – research by looking at Google Maps and calling around or searching the web.  If it’s still landfill then you know where it goes but understand that this goes into a giant pit in the Earth. It’s not out of sight, out of mind: we have no solution for the landfill we create on this planet.  Just because you can burn it for energy doesn’t mean that it’s a good thing and that it doesn’t create carbon chemicals that are released into the air we breathe.

If it can be recycled, your hauling company will have a list of where it goes and what stream.  You can even get a deposit back on certain materials like aluminum cans, glass bottles, and certain types of plastic depending on where you live. Get your money back!

Certain items can be hazardous and need to be taken to a specific location specializing in these materials.  Some places make you pay for certain items while others will accept them free of charge. They are great places to ask about certain materials and most of the people there are really knowledgeable about waste and how to handle it properly.

You can always ask questions. Remember this as the people and company you are paying to handle your materials will know a great deal about them.  You might end up finding a better or more affordable solution by doing it yourself and hauling your own materials instead of paying your current price.  You might even come to find out you can’t recycle or compost. If you want to – contact your local municipality or government and start asking for it or start your own community based projects. Look online for DIY programs that can help you. People are doing this all over the world. Join the effort in creating a better world we all live on for futures to come. Your word, choice, money is what changes how we all live; if you decide to not buy something wasteful and demand for something reusable it will create the supply for that demand and can change the world.