Honor The Land - Lightning In A Bottle 2020

We have gratitude for the land and community where LIB is held. We strive to leave the land better than we found it and make a positive impact as part of the community.

What is it?

Honoring the Land means having love and respect for the place where we come together and celebrate. The land was here before us and it will be here after us. We humbly accept the privilege and responsibility to leave it better and more beautiful than we found. The Land refers to both the Buena Vista parklands where the festival occurs as well as the surrounding community that is hosting us as guests. Our actions during LIB and when we are coming to and leaving the festival site are our opportunities to Honor The Land where LIB is held. Seize these opportunities.


Why is it important?

It is good for the soul to show appreciation to one’s hosts, and it is good for LIB’s continued existence as a festival. Remember that we are guests and as guests we hope to be invited back. But more deeply, we want our time on this planet to be connected to positive impact.


How do we Honor The Land at LIB?

  • Pack It In / Pack It Out ~ LIB is a leave no trace event. Learn how to manage and minimize your camp trash, properly break down your tents and shade structures, and leave a spick and span space where your camp once was.
  • Respect the native plants and animals ~ Don’t trample the plants outside of the park’s main paths, and don’t disturb the wildlife at the park.
  • Respect the local community ~ Drive the speed limit. Don’t blast loud music when driving through local towns. Don’t leave any trash by the side of the road. Be friendly and courteous to anyone you meet on the way in or out of the festival. Thank them for hosting the festival in their community. We all appreciate it!

The 6 Ways of LIB