Festival Info & FAQ - Lightning In A Bottle 2020

Festival Info & FAQ

General FAQ

When and where is LIB?

May 20th– 25th, 2020– Buena Vista Lake – Kern County CA.

4-Day Festival Passes: Grants you access on Thursday, May 21st. 5-Day Festival Passes: Grants you access on Wednesday, May 20th. Campgrounds close: Monday, May 25th. Entrance to LIB is only permitted during box office hours (see below)

Festival Location: Buena Vista Aquatic Recreational Area 13601 Ironbark Rd. Bakersfield, CA 93311 Google Maps link

What are the box office / gate / will call hours?

Everyone must arrive during hours listed below. No exceptions. No lining up overnight or roadside parking/camping.

2019 BOX OFFICE HOURS (2020 hours subject to change)


Wednesday 11am – 11pm


Thursday – 10am – 11pm

Friday – 10am – 11pm

Saturday – 10am – 10pm

Sunday 10am – 7pm

PLEASE NOTE: THE GATE & BOX OFFICE ARE NOT OPEN 24 HRS! If you leave LIB after gates close, you will not be allowed back in until gates open the following day.

Is LIB an all ages event?

Yes! LIB is an all ages event BUT anyone under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. A legal guardian must have proper documentation. No exceptions.

For kid’s ticket pricing click HERE

What if I’m under 18 and want to attend?

We are happy to have you as long as you are accompanied by your parent or legal guardian.

Do I need to purchase a Car Camping pass?

No, 4-Day and 5-Day Passes include tent camping. If you’d like to camp with your car, you’ll need to purchase a Car Camping Pass in addition to your Festival Pass. Car Camping Passes allow the ticket holder to camp next to or inside their car. Only valid with a festival pass – does not give access to the event without also purchasing a Festival Pass. Only one Car Pass needed per car. 

I can’t find a ride to LIB, can I take the bus?

Yes, LIB’s Lightning Bus offers attendees an easy and green way to get to and from LIB. 2020’s schedule and pricing will be announced in the Fall, but 2019’s Lightning Bus locations included LA, San Diego & Oakland.

(2020 pick up locations may differ)

Are there Security, Medical, and Ranger teams at LIB?

Yes! These teams will be on duty 24 hours a day throughout the festival. If you need assistance you can contact any LIB staff member, go to the medical stations, info stations or campground management station.

Is LIB clothing optional?

LIB celebrates freedom of individual expression, and while we love all bodies, this is a family friendly event and the law states public nudity is prohibited.

Is LIB a drug free event?

Yes. Anyone caught with illegal substances will be escorted from the event and may face legal consequences. In addition, the possession or smoking of marijuana products is not permitted in Kern County Parks. Rangers and Security teams, the Kern County Sheriff will be onsite in the event that they are needed.  

Can I bring a pet?

No. LIB has a strict no pet rule that will be enforced. Only documented service animals required for a disability, and who are trained to handle loud and active environments, are allowed in the festival grounds.

If you need to make arrangements for pet care, here are some highly reputable options, which are close by:

Cowen’s Pet Resort

22110 Stockdale Hwy

Bakersfield, CA 93314

(661) 589-3441


Fur & Feathers Pet Resort

3329 Allen Rd.

Bakersfield, CA 93314

(661) 829-1099

What if my pet is a service animal?

Please email [email protected] to inquire about registering your documented service animal. Please keep in mind, it is illegal to fraudulently claim that your pet is a legitimate service animal.

Will there be somewhere to leave items that I don’t want to leave in my tent/car?

We recommend not bringing items of value to LIB. The festival is not responsible for lost or stolen items

Is there a lost and found?

Yes, there is a lost and found booth on site in the main camp plaza. You can also reach them at [email protected].

Will there be water for sale?

No, single use water bottles are not sold at the event. Bring a reusable bottle and refill at one of our many drink water refill stations throughout the site.

Will there be ice for sale?

Yes! Ice will be available in all major camp plazas for . Cash or cards are accepted.

Who should I contact for general festival and event questions?

You can contact us at [email protected] We try to answer questions as quickly as possible, please allow 24 hours M-F for a response. 

How can I get involved at LIB?

Whether you’re a 5-time vet, or a first-time LIB goer, we ALL take part in creating our community. Take it one step further and get involved at LIB 2020!Our 2020 participant applications will open in the Fall, check back soon!

Is there parking at the festival? Does it cost money?

Yes, there is a parking lot for those driving to LIB, but not camping with their vehicles.  See cost info below.

LIB Carpool Initiative: To keep emissions and traffic low, single occupant vehicles are charged $30 to park in the parking lot. Vehicles with one or more passengers (not including the driver) are granted free parking. Sorry we’re not sorry…

What is the Photo Policy?

By attending Lightning In A Bottle (the “Festival”) you consent to being filmed and or photographed, whereas your image, voice, and likeness may be used by The Do LaB for promotional purposes.

Any photography or video taken at the Festival, whether in digital or analog format, is subject to a mandatory, non-exclusive license to The Do LaB for use in promotional purposes.

Any artwork or performances sponsored by the Festival or taking place on Festival grounds is also subject to a mandatory, non-exclusive license to Do LaB for use in promotional purposes.

All photographers using 360-degree cameras, DSLRs or cameras with detachable lenses are required to have media credentials to take pictures or video at the Festival.

What is the Drone Policy?

To ensure the safety and enjoyment of all festival attendees, artists, and staff, Do LaB strictly prohibits the operation of or use of any unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), also know as “Drones”, on, from, or above Do LaB/Lightning in a Bottle premises, events or venues without specific written permission from an official of Do LaB. This includes all UAVs regardless of size, weight, or purpose. If you are found to be using or in the possession of a UAV or “Drone” while at Lightning in a Bottle, it will be confiscated by ground staff and held for the remainder of the event.

Camping FAQ

How big is each campsite?

LIB campgrounds are free form. There is no pre-plotted or reserved space. We ask for you to get cozy with your neighbors to eliminate any wasted space.

Are generators allowed?

Due to safety and fire concerns, the use of any portable gas-powered generators inside the festival and campgrounds is now prohibited.  We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this causes our attendees.  We appreciate everyone’s support and understanding as we work together with the Kern County Fire Department to keep LIB safe.

Factory-installed generators in RVs are permitted. Solar and battery powered generators are also ok to use.

The festival will have safety staff monitoring the campgrounds to enforce all safety regulations. 

I have a Car Camping Pass and my friends do not. Can we camp together?

There will be a specific campground designated for walk-in + car camping. Check the Festival Fun Maps. 

Does each person inside a vehicle need a car camping pass?

No, you’ll only need one car camping pass per vehicle. Only one person in the vehicle needs to purchase a car camping pass if you plan to camp with the vehicle. Each adult needs their own 4 or 5-Day Festival Pass.

What is the difference between RV Ticket Types?

 General RV passes allows you to bring your RV into the designated RV campgrounds and will not be provided any services such as power, water, or sewer. There are two types of RV passes, SHORT for sizes less than 27’ and LONG for sizes more than 27’.   “RV with Power passes allows you to bring your RV into the designated RV campgrounds and will be hooked up to a grid of power. There are two types of RVs w/Power, SHORT for sizes less than 27’ and LONG for sizes more than 27’. Please note there is no sewer dump available upon exit of the festival for any type of RV pass.

What qualifies a vehicle Car Camping vs. RV Camping?

Car Camping – Car, SUV, Consumer truck or van

RV – Motorhome, Any towed vehicle, Box truck, Commercial vehicle.

All lengths of vehicle passes are for combined total length of RV and any vehicle towing

We have several RVs in our group can we all camp together?

Maybe… The parking is done “Disneyland-style” which means we place you with guidance into the next available spot. Sorry, but we cannot accommodate self-selection of spots during the process. But that’s ok….you’ll be just minutes from starting the party at this point! The best chance for your group to camp together is to all arrive together and be in line together. The RV Placement team is happy to work with you but you must do your part. Once the gate opens things become a little chaotic so please be patient and we will do our best to fulfill your requests. As we draw closer to the event the RV Placement team will reach out to you and we can talk about how we might be able to provide for special needs or requests.

Can my friends with Car Camping Passes camp next to me in my RV Campsite?

Generally this is not a good idea. Each RV is given a limited amount of space which is along side the RV and is considered your “personal space” which accommodates opening the awning. If you bring a car into your site it needs to fit into this space leaving little room for a tent or two much less some chill space. If friends plan to camp with you we suggest that you bring their gear in your RV and have them park in general parking saving on the car camping pass.

What if I have a bunch of friends and I want to set up their tents and coolest dome ever right next to my RV?

No problem!! Have your friends pitch in and purchase the RV + pass. This will give you a 40×40 space to place your RV and as many tents as you can fit in the space.

Where is the RV w/ Power Services camp?

RVs w/ Power Hookups at LIB have their own campgrounds separate from tent and car camping. It is much closer to the festival action than years before.

Is there Boutique (or EZ, luxury, etc.) Camping at LIB?

We will have Boutique Camping options available in 2020!  Get details here

Are there showers in the campgrounds?

Public showers will be available in all major camp plazas. Don’t forget your biodegradable soap, towel, and shower sandals. Cash or cards are accepted.

Are there ins and outs?

Ins and outs are permitted, but not for car or RV camping passes. Once a car or RV enters the campgrounds it can leave only once and will not be permitted to drive back into a campground.

Can I bring my speaker set-up to play music in my camp?

No renegade sound systems are allowed at LIB.

Are campfires allowed?

No campfires or open flames are permitted at LIB.

What about cooking and grilling?

Enclosed propane grills are acceptable in the camping areas but NO open flame or charcoal grills will be allowed.

Tickets & Wristbands

When do tickets go on sale?

Tickets are on sale now! Click here for Details

Do you have payment plans?

2020 payment plan info can be found here.

Will there be two-day or single day tickets?

No Lightning in a Bottle is designed to be a fully immersive experience. Only 4 or 5 day passes are available.

I can no longer attend LIB. Can I have a refund?

All sales are final. No refunds.

Who do I contact with a question or concern regarding purchasing tickets online?

For general questions contact us at [email protected]

If you having an issue with the ticket purchase process, please contact Eventbrite directly

Or call them at: 888-203-5531.

This phone number is for troubleshooting only. Placing orders by phone is not available. All orders must go through the Eventbrite ticketing page: https://lib2020.eventbrite.com.

Do I need a physical ticket to get into LIB?

Your wristband will take the place of a traditional ticket, and will be automatically shipped to you in advance of the event. If you buy your ticket after the cut-off date to have it mailed you will go to Will Call at the entrance of the event to get your wristband.

When will I get my wristband in the mail?

Expect your wristbands in the early May. Orders after May 1st will not ship – purchasers will receive a PDF ticket via email that must be printed out and brought to the on-site box office and exchanged for a wristband and/or vehicle pass.

Do I have to sign for my package?


The address I originally provided is incorrect. Can I update my address?

You can edit your shopping address by logging in to Eventbrite and going to My Tickets: http://eventbrite.com Once packages have shipped you will not be able to update your shipping address. If your package is undeliverable, it will be returned to us and we will hold it at will call.

I’ve tracked my package and I’m concerned it won’t be delivered.

Go to will call to pick-up at the on-site box office with an ID that matches the name on your order. They will be able to verify you and provide a wristband there.

I received my wristbands, but my dog ate them! Help! They were lost!

Go to will call to pick-up at the on-site box office with an ID that matches the name on your order. They will be able to verify you and provide a wristband there. There is a $20 replacement fee for lost or damaged wristbands.

How and when do I apply my wristband?

You will receive exact instructions on how to apply your wristband with your package. Do not put on your wristband before you have received and carefully read the instructions included. Please make sure to put on the wristband uniquely registered to you.

Please do not remove the excess portion of the wristband or tamper with your wristband in any way. Do not cut it, burn it, stretch it or fold it. Altered wristbands will be invalid and any person in possession of an altered wristband will be charged a replacement fee or may be ejected from the festival site.

How do I know if a wristband is real or counterfeit?

Fake or deactivated wristbands may look like the real thing but they will be identified by our scanning system at each venue entrance.

Only orders placed through the Eventbrite website are guaranteed to be authentic. We do not want any of our fans to be scammed.

Please read this statement about counterfeit tickets:

Please be aware: We are not responsible for any counterfeit tickets or wristbands. In addition, any wristbands reported lost or stolen will have their RFID chip deactivated and will not be valid. For your own protection, please do not purchase Lightning in a Bottle wristbands from any third party sellers. Those in possession of fake wristbands or ones reported lost or stolen will not be admitted to the festival. There are no hard tickets being sold or distributed this year. If someone tries to sell or give you a paper ticket DO NOT take it. EVERYONE will need a wristband to enter the festival.

What happened to the Early Arrival Pass?

 Early Arrival Passes will no longer be a separate add-on ticket.  Instead, you will now purchase the 5-Day Festival Pass that includes your full weekend entry and access to the festival on Wednesday. Vehicle passes are sold separately.

Is there programming on Wednesday?

Yes! Enjoy exclusive early arrival offerings, speakers, workshops and music!

Can Boutique Camp purchasers arrive Wednesday?

Yes, Boutique Camp will open on Wednesday. If you would like to take advantage of Boutique Camping on Wednesday, please purchase a 5-Day Festival Pass, instead of a 4-Day Festival Pass.

Kids & Families

Can I bring my children to LIB?

Yes! LIB is an all ages event. Anyone under the age of 18 MUST be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian at all times.

What is the price of a festival pass for a child?

LIB Child Pass pricing is as follows:

– Children 5 and under = FREE – Children 6 – 12: $60 (available for purchase at the on-site box office only) – Children 13 – 16 = $160 (available for purchase at the on-site box office only) – Anyone 17 or older = REGULAR PRICE (purchase a normal full weekend pass on this page)

Everyone under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

Is there a designated family camping? How do I register?

Register for 2020 Family Camp here.

Registering does not guarantee exact location within family camp, however it does help us plan and allocate enough space.

In addition to family camp, we offer a variety of family-friendly programming throughout the weekend. More details on this will be released in the coming months.

Is there Family Camp access for 5-Day Festival Pass holders arriving on Wednesday?

We will allow family camp access early for those that pre-register. Register for 2020 Family Camp here.

Is there a way to connect with other families attending LIB?

Yes! Join our Facebook group HERE to meet other families and exchange festival and camping tips.

What Can I Bring?

Allowed Items

YES! Enclosed propane stoves

YES! Good vibes

YES! Backpacks

YES! Cameras

YES! Alcohol (A reasonable amount in plastic bottles or cans for personal consumption)

YES! Coolers in campgrounds

Prohibited Items

NO Glass bottles or glass containers

NO Generators of any kind

NO Illegal drugs of any kind

NO Weapons (Including machetes for opening coconuts)

NO Fireworks, fire tools or fire lanterns

NO Pets (Email [email protected]b.com to inquire and register a documented service animal)

NO Fires outside of designated fire pits

NO Headdresses or cultures as costumes

Security Policy

All persons, items and vehicles are subject to search upon entry by security and law enforcement.

Security personnel reserve the right to prohibit items seen as harmful, dangerous or not in the best interest of the festival and it’s patrons.

** All persons, items and vehicles are subject to search upon entry by Security and Law Enforcement**.


Is LIB accessible to guests with disabilities?

Yes! Read all about ADA at LIB HERE.

"6 Ways of LIB" - LIB's Code of Conduct

About the 6 Ways...

The 6 Ways of LIB are our community’s guiding principles that can be applied to all aspects of the LIB experience. They are simple, but when we all put them into action they are powerful. Let’s remember these Ways of LIBing and create magic together!

1. Celebrate Life

In every action and experience at LIB we cultivate feelings of fun, joy and togetherness. We always remember that we are here to create and share the best time!

2. Create Community

At LIB we act in accordance with a shared sense of belonging. LIB belongs to all of us and we are happy to share it with one another in all its spaces and interactions.

3. Respect Yourself, Respect One Another

We recognize and respect personal boundaries. In respecting boundaries, we take responsibility for how our actions affect ourselves as well as those around us.


4. Actively Participate

We all take an active role in creating the LIB experience for everyone. We stay off the sidelines (and our phones!), exploring the possibilities of being the best versions of ourselves.

5. Honor the Land

We have gratitude for the land and community where LIB is held. We strive to leave the land better than we found it and make a positive impact as part of the community.

6. Be A Citizen

We keep the wonderful experiences and learnings of LIB with us after the event so they can guide us in exercising our citizenship in our wider communities.

Venue FAQ

Is there a lake at Buena Vista Aquatic Recreational Area?

YES! LIB once again has a huge shoreline along a beautiful lake!

Can we swim in the Lake at Buena Vista Aquatic Recreational Area?

YES! There will be designated swimming areas.

Is there grass at Buena Vista Aquatic Recreational Area?


Will the music still run as late as in years past?

YES! The music schedule on the main and secondary stages will be the same as previous years.

Can we have fires and open flame grills?

NO! Enclosed propane grills are acceptable in the camping areas but NO open flame or charcoal grills will be allowed.

Can there be sound systems in campgrounds?

NO! Just like our past venues, unauthorized sound systems are NOT permitted at LIB.

Can we bring boats or motorized vessels?


What is the terrain like at Buena Vista Aquatic Recreational Area?

It’s mostly flat, which means no more hills! This venue also has grass, trees and a longer coastline for your enjoyment.

Are there RV spots with Power Hook-ups at Buena Vista Aquatic Recreational Area?


Will it be hot?

We can’t tell the weather of the future, but Kern County is known to average in the low to mid eighties in May.

Will there be as much dust?

We anticipate that this venue will be less dusty, based off the terrain. However some camping areas will be dustier than others. We recommend that everyone bring a scarf or bandana in case the wind kicks up!

Will there be camping?

YES! Camping is included with your purchased Festival Pass. If you wish to experience Boutique Camp, Car Camping or RV Camping those options are available for purchase.

Will the camping structure be the same?


Will there be ADA services?


Will there be Lightning Buses?

YES! 2020 Lightning Bus info coming soon.

Will there be Family Camp?

YES! You can Register for Family Camp  here

Will there be Boutique Camp?

 YES! 2020 Boutique Camping Packages can be found here