Soulection's Joe Kay 4-Hour Takeover on The Stacks - Lightning In A Bottle 2020

Soulection’s Joe Kay 4-Hour Takeover on The Stacks

December 20th, 2019

Joe Kay, founder and CEO of Soulection, is returning to LIB in 2020 for a very special Thursday night experience on The Stacks.  In 2019, Joe and fellow labelmates Sasha Marie and Andres took over the Thunder Stage for LIB’s first-ever Soulection Showcase. This year, Joe’s brand new 4-hour experience will be making its festival debut at LIB’s bass-haven side stage, The Stacks, setting the scene for one intimate Thursday night dance party you are not going to want to miss. 

We caught up with Joe Kay to get the low down on what attendees can expect from his 2020 performance and more about what playing LIB means to him…

Over the last several years, you and some of Soulection’s most closely affiliated artists have graced the stages of LIB including Sango, Mr. Carmack, and Sam Gellaitry. What does playing LIB mean to you?

It’s a special festival for me. Last year was my first time attending and it was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had at a festival. The overall experience of it and the people. No judgement. Everyone is a free spirit, and that’s why I wanted to come back.

For this coming year’s festival, you specifically requested to play at The Stacks, one of LIB’s more intimate, bass-heavy side-stages. Can you elaborate on what inspired that decision and why?

I feel like the type of music and sounds I’m going to be playing are meant to be in an intimate experience with open-minded people and at LIB, there are no boundaries and I have complete freedom to hit every sound direction.

Last year’s Soulection Showcase was a highlight for many of our 2019 attendees. What are you most excited to bring to your performance in 2020?

“I’m most excited to be able to bring the 4-hour set to a festival for the first time. Having that amount of time to play all styles of music is pretty much like a dream. It’s unheard of at a festival too. The people at LIB are very open-minded and I feel like they’re non-judgemental and ready to travel through the music with me!