Respect - Lightning In A Bottle 2020

We recognize and respect personal boundaries. In respecting boundaries, we take responsibility for how our actions affect our own bodies and minds as well as the bodies and minds of those around us.


What is it?

We are all essentially bodies and minds aiming to have a good time at LIB. To have the best time we treat our bodies and minds with love and respect and we are rewarded with good feelings and good experiences. A great LIB starts with how we treat ourselves, how we treat those around us, and continues to ripple out from there.  


Why is it important?

We don’t just want everyone to have a great time at LIB, we also want LIB to keep happening, year after year. The health of everyone at LIB is central to the health of LIB as a whole. We each have a responsibility to make the best of not just this year’s LIB, but all the LIBs to come. So stay healthy, hydrated, and happy! It’s not just about you, it’s about us all!


How do we respect ourselves & others at LIB?

  • Take Care of Yourself ~ know your limits & don’t push them, drink water, take breaks, get sleep, be present, and if you don’t know who gave it to you or what is in it dont take it! Don’t be afraid to ask for help, and know ahead of time where LIB’s Harm Prevention services are (check the map). Bottom Line: Be smart and exercise good judgment ~ the future of this event depends on you!!  
  • Take Responsibility for Your Actions & Words ~ What you say, the costumes you wear, and the things you do can positively or negatively impact those around you. Check yourself regularly, educate yourself, be open to constructive feedback, and when in doubt ask.
  • Respect People’s Bodies & Boundaries ~ LIB is a space of enthusiastic consent. Keep your hands to yourself unless given clear verbal consent, always ask before you make a move, never assume & always listen,  approach every person respectfully, compliment kindly not crudely, a “harmless” touch to you can be unwanted or uncomfortable for somebody else.
  • Share Space ~ be aware of your surroundings, be mindful when setting up camp or moving through crowded areas, if you want to be in the front row at a set commit to arriving early, forcefully pushing your way through a crowd is a surefire way to quickly become the most unliked person at the festival ~ don’t be that guy/girl.

The 6 Ways of LIB