Travel - Lightning In A Bottle 2020


Lightning in a Bottle is more than a festival. It’s a destination where your imagination is the only limit for 24 hours a day, for 5 days! Nestled in central California, LIB is filled with unique areas inviting you to create magic, experience art and music, and engage in inspiring and educational offerings. It’s easy to join us as we bend reality and explore what else is possible!

Road trips are fun and a great way to make the trip to LIB!

Lightning in a Bottle is located at Buena Vista Lake in Kern County, California.

LIB’s Address

(don’t enter this into GPS – use directions below)

Buena Vista Aquatic Recreational Area
13601 Ironbark Rd.
Bakersfield, CA 93311

Driving Directions to LIB


Yes, there is a parking lot for those driving to LIB. Or purchase a Car Camping Pass to park and camp with your car!

Parking Price = LIB Carpool Initiative: To keep emissions and traffic low, single occupant vehicles are charged $30 to park in the parking lot. Vehicles with one or more passengers (not including the driver) are granted free parking.

5 Tips For A Smooth Arrival

1. Wristbands On and All Passes Ready – Secure wristbands on left wrist before arriving to the festival. Vehicle stickers must be affixed inside the drivers side windshield on the lower corner before arrival.

2. Keep ID’s Handy and Accessible  – LIB is 18+, unless accompanied by a legal guardian. You will need a valid government issued ID to enter- or for any interaction at Will Call or Box Office.

3. Do Your Research – Review the map, read the Arrival Guide and get familiar with gate hours when planning your trip. There is ONE road in and out of LIB

4. Practice Patience & Gratitude – There is ONE road in and out of LIB, so you can expect to wait during peak arrival times. Embrace this reality, be patient and cooperative. Our team will get you in as safely and quickly as possible. Smile and show appreciation when you can.

5. Be Respectful of our Amazing Neighbors – Stay in your vehicles, do not block driveways, keep the music down, DO NOT LITTER, and use gas station facilities before arriving.

Pro-Tip! Arriving together is the ONLY WAY to guarantee a camping spot next to friends. Once a campground is full, the entrance will be closed. Even if your friends saved space for you, no more vehicles will be allowed to enter a closed campground.

Reliable Festival Transportation from Los Angeles, Oakland and San Diego!

Lightning Bus

$42 + fees (LA), $49 + fees (SD), $68 + fees (Oakland)

Need a lift to LIB? The Lightning Bus allows you to hop on a bus to or from the festival, from Los Angeles, San Diego or Oakland. Let us do the driving while you sit back, relax, and meet your new best friends on the way to LIB. Added bonus: bus riders get to skip the will call lines and get to their campsites quicker!


Top 4 reasons to ride a Lightning Bus to LIB

1. Go green. Lower the carbon footprint!

2. Let us do the driving. Relax on the way here and meet new friends!

3. There’s enough room for your camping gear! Isn’t that rad?

4. Get dropped off and picked up at a central location within campground!

Other Local Transportation Options

Greyhound  |  Amtrak

Fly and Catch a Ride!

Every great adventure starts with an amazing journey. If you’re flying to attend LIB we recommend choosing Los Angeles (LAX), Oakland (OAK), San Francisco (SFO), or San Diego (SAN) because of their proximity to the Lightning Bus with routes running to and from LIB on Wed.-Mon. the week of the event.

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Camp in Beautiful California with the LIB Community

Take a break from the ordinary and experience community in action. The campgrounds are a place to relax, play, and make friends with your neighbors. Whether you’re a minimalist or enjoy making an elaborate camp to invite your fellow festival mates to hangout, you will enjoy plenty of California sky and good vibes. Bring your camping gear or take advantage of Boutique Camping packages. To learn more about camping at LIB visit our Camping FAQ.

Experience Boutique Camping